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Art 2021

The Collections

Step inside our online gallery, created by our in house artists and graphic design team. As you browse through our Country, Coastal, Gallery and Showcase collections, you will notice how our artists draw influence from the finer details of nature, focusing on the intricate patterns and textures which our eyes sometimes miss. Over time you will see each artist has their own familiar yet unique signature style, shining through their artwork.
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Spring 2024

New for 2024, we have explored a range of classical pieces that bring an old-world charm with a modern touch to the collection. An assortment of monochrome prints for those Scandinavian appeal projects adds a minimalistic theme. Our final new addition is fun vintage typography mirrors to add a dash of personality.
Artists & Designers

The Artists & Designers

Our artists live on the beautiful historic Isle of Wight, surrounded by limitless inspiration. It is here that they produce their stunning, distinctive works of art. Our graphics team are based at our offices in the heart of the home counties in Hertfordshire, where they work hard to produce innovative and unique artwork and design of the highest quality.
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