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Thomas Kent Clocks

Art 2022

Ahead of the curve

Thomas Kent clocks offer design ahead of the curve – we don’t just create clocks to tell the time, they are unique, innovative works of art.
Our clock designs combine the latest creative techniques, leading edge technology and quality components – with some designs now suitable for Indoor/Outdoor use too. Register to view the full range of Thomas Kent Clocks
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What's new for 2023

For 2023 we have continued to expand our collection of over-sized clocks - introducing more ambitious designs and using the latest finishes and materials. More than just a clock, these designs become artistic statements in their own right. Telling the time is only a small part of their appeal…

The time team

Our clock designs are all created in our Hertfordshire studio. Months of research and creative effort are poured into each collection and every product. Some of our bestselling designs have stood the test of time, having been in our range since the very beginning of Thomas Kent - others embody the latest looks, textures and finishes that can be found in the home décor market today. Whatever your customer profile we will have clock designs to suit your needs.
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