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Artist 1

Talent and Creativity

Our 2020 collection is our best yet and offers outstanding value for money. We have introduced some fabulous new lower priced art within our Country and Coastal stories for those important impulse gift purchases. In our Showcase collection this year we have created a fantastic range of unique, embellished art developed by our most popular artists. We are incredibly proud of this unique and very individual collection, so each picture will be delivered with its own unique swing ticket containing an individual write up by the artist about the.
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Artist 3
Artist 4

The Brief that Excites

Art Marketing’s ever-evolving range of products, which are works of art in themselves… Now get ready to fall in love all over again, with the consumer sales debut of our inspirational yet affordable range of wall art created with the same passion, panache and a touch of eccentricity by the talented team at Thomas Kent’s North London studios, this is much more than mere décor; this is art truly worthy of your walls.
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Collaboration is key!

This is where the magic has been happening for forty years now. We’re very proud of our North London studio – and our amazingly talented team of fine artists, graphic designers, stylists and craftspeople. All day, every day, their imagination and expertise conjures up new artwork, new styles and new fashionable products – for our own collections, current customers… and for you?
Artist 5

Always on the lookout…

Thomas Kent clocks enviably succeed in today's market, not despite Nigel Waller's unique style, but because of it. His quirkiness, passion and rebellious approach runs through everything that Thomas Kent, as a brand, achieves. Thomas Kent clocks ~ Where art matters……
Artist 6

Working from home

Designing today, forty years on in his North London Studio, the memorabilia of 'days gone by', continue to inspire the Thomas Kent brand, celebrating all tastes and aspirations from 1950's New York glamour to more contemporary references from British luxur, Scandinavian colour palettes into more edgy industrial and urban lifestyles.
Artist 7